Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sleepover Party

"How do you like the idea of a sleepover party for your birthday?" I asked Ari. "Rrrr, mmmmm, I'm not sure!" he replied. "Ok, that's fine. Have a think about it and let me know tomorrow" I said.

Less than five minutes later, he came to see me and said "I think I really like the idea. So, how many friends can I invite mum?"

Wait..wait... take it easy boy. I don't think I can have ten 'nine years old' boys, sleeping in the tent in my back yard. Just the thought of it already made me headache.

In the end, he invited seven friends, but only one that had a sleepover in the tent. It was a bit disappointing. The other six came and help to celebrate Ari's birthday from three in the afternoon & they didn't leave till about ten at night. They had a great time.

The activities that we did:
* Pinata. Through the week before the big day, Jamie and I made and decorated it.
* Cops and robbers.
* Pass the puzzle. Its always a favourite game.
* Hide and seek. They loved it, especially the did it at night.
* Sparkles and glowing sticks.
* Rocket baloons.
* Movie time.
* Toast some marsh mellow. Forgot to mention that we had bon fire too.

Over all, it was a great party. And now have to start thinking for next year party. Any idea that you like to share??


Amel's Realm said...'re a creative Mom! Too bad I'm not a Mom and I never really had birthday parties like I can't give you any ideas. :-(((

Amel's Realm said...

Oops...forgot to add, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY for Ari!!!!!!!! May God guide him everywhere he goes and protect him.

feb said...

Thanks Amel. As a mum, you just have to be creative, trying all sort of things to entertain the children & to make them happy. After all, the parents love their children. Nothing better to see your children had a big smile from ear to ear and had a beautiful memory of their childhood that will stay forever with them.
And thanks for the wishes too.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Bet all had great fun !

Ventana de TeePee said...

A fun day for the kids... any photos of the birthday party? : )

crazymommy said...

You are so creative! I would never have thought of a camping-cum-sleepover party.

Oh... and Happy Belated Birthday, Ari!

feb said...

Hi Crazymommy, thanks for visiting and for the birthday wishes too :)