Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Took advantage of beautiful weather and the last weekend before the daylight saving ending next Sunday, we decided to have a ferry ride to the city. We took 10 o'clock ferry and it was so packed. It wasn't surprise me because the weather was so lovely and the cheap ticket they offer every Sunday for the family. Family Funday Sunday, is $2.50 per person with under 4 years old is free with full paid adult, and that is included train, bus, ferry and some private bus as well. So for us, it cost $10.00, what a fantastic value.

Peek-a boo

The beautiful Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Fifty five minutes later, after all the excitement on board, we arrived at Circular Quay and walked around the area, where Sydney Opera House just a very short stroll away. I can't let the beautiful view of Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge pass without I capture it with my camera. So there I was, very busy took so much pictures while the boys were running around happily just being in the big city.

After walked around the opera house, we all felt so hungry. We took the bus to China Town, and had lunch at the food court there. We had three different dish. The boys shared nice noodle soup with some dumplings and meatballs, Steven ordered yummy chillie chicken with some vegetables served with rice, and I couldn't resist home-cooked style Indonesian food. Yummy....

Then we walked to Darling Harbour where the nice playground with sandpit is. Ari and Jamie just loved being there. They had so much fun digging and play in the sand. We were there for nearly two hours. It was so relaxing when the boys played nicely together.
Playground at Darling Harbour

Before we took the ferry back home, we bought ourselves nice ice cream. It was a nice thing to finish the beautiful Sunday.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Durian : King of Fruits?

Some people say that durian is king of fruits. Not too sure why, but definitely it has a very distinctive look, smell, flavour and texture. Its shape roundish, with an average size of a small soccer ball, and it has got thorns all over it. Inside, its divided into few sections, which contains two or three pieces, and the colour of the flesh is pale-yellow.

The texture of its flesh is kinda soft and creamy, but once you get close to the stone, it gets a bit stringy.

One thing about durian, you will love it OR you will hate it, nothing in between. My hubby and I are both durian lovers. He doesn't buy durian too often, as the price is not cheap here in Australia. Few days ago, he bought a frozen durian as a treat for us, and it was so yummy. Of course fresh is always the best, but for me, as I grew up in Indonesia where you can find durian very easily, the frozen one was OK too, especially when I am craving for it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh.....So Busy!!

It' has been so long that I haven't been updating my blog. Lately, it feels that the time flies thrice faster than before. Where does the time fly?

It is very busy time for me, with the plan to move to the bigger place. Looking for the house that we really like with good neighbourhood and excellent school is something that you can't get overnight. I browse through the net, local paper and home magazine. So far, no luck for me yet.

Then, packing....aarrgh, really hate packing, but it is something that has to be done whether I like it or not. Sorting out stuff for garage sale is other thing that can be hard as well. Steven and I often argue about thing that we want to keep or sale, unlike Ari and Jamie, who doing OK with sorting out their toys.

Other things that still in the agenda are organising garage sale, calling the removal company, calling the electricity company, phone company etc......oohhh, never ending.